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fraise de taillage et roue dentée  

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Technical innovations in 2017

●  Gear cutting hobs with more than 15 teeth for increased productivity and an even better profile
●  Hobs with small diameters (< ø6 mm), on a shank or circular
●  Tool material and geometry adapted in line with the material to be cut as a result of our many years of experience and internal testing



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Louis Bélet has been making hob cutters for almost ten years. We have thus acquired extensive experience in the field and can provide the best possible advice to our customers.



Gear cutting is a very high precision operation that can be performed in multiple ways. The most effective and economical solution depends on a number of factors, such as the quantity of pieces to be cut, the type of pieces, the shape of the tooth profile, the machine, usual practices, and expertise.



We can offer you the following tools for your operations:

  • Z2 hobs for tooth-by-tooth cutting that are easy to set up and produce the perfect shape
  • ORIGIN hobs for epicyclic and involute teeth that enable very rapid and extremely clean cutting, available from module 0.5
  • REVOLUTION hobs used for cutting asymmetrical gears that offer a very high cutting speed and come with a positioning drawing
  • E2F hobs for frontal gear cutting used for cutting sliding pinions, for example. They produce very little burring and enable users to machine in extremely short cycles
  • TRINITY hobs for cutting conical gears that make it possible to create all kinds of profile and are supplied with a positioning drawing

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