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PCD Whirling tools

REF. 45600

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Internal micro-tapping has always been a problem in the machining world. The difficulties have increased even further with the arrival of new parts made of very abrasive materials, such as copper, platinum or even composites. Tool wear is rapid in these materials and can lead to breakage or very poor thread qualities.

The standard internal whirling tools enable efficient and economical machining of micro-threads from S0.60 in a wide range of common materials. Whirling offers numerous advantages, such as speed and process safety, thread depth correction and simple programming. Limitations occur when tapping abrasive materials that literally destroy the tungsten carbide tool, even when coated.

The polycrystalline diamond (PCD) whirling tool facilitates high-performance and durable machining of these difficult materials. The tool body is made of carbide and the entire cutting part is cut from the diamond mass. The PCD’s wear resistance allows for machining of all non-ferrous materials and stands out particularly in very abrasive materials.

This permits reliable and durable micro-threading in copper and platinum.

Practical example:

Tapping M1.60 x 3 / Pitch: 0.35
Material to be machined: Platinum
Spindle rotation 50'000 rpm
Feed rate in the material 300 mm/min
Tapping-based machining time 8.6 seconds

Client feedback :

«This is the first time we’ve been able to tap platinum parts as quickly with zero waste. »

The new PCD whirling tools (ref. 45600) are available in ISO and NIHS tapping standards from S0.60 to M3.00.

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