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History: from 1948 until today

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In 1948, Mr Louis Bélet, former country watchmaker, created in Vendincourt, the only end mills fabrication workshop of what would later become the Canton of Jura.

In 1981, his children, Madeleine, Louis, Marc and Guy took over the Company, which had then less than 10 employees and organised it as a Public Limited Company. Over the following years, Louis BELET business grew considerably.

In 1986,BELET designed and developed its 1st computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine on its site.

In 1990
, the substantial increase of staff number and equipment necessitated the increase of production surface, from 90 sqm to 300 sqm.


In 2000, the operation surface reached 1,100 sqm through a 2nd expansion.

In 2002, Louis BELET was awarded the ISO 9001 et 14001 certification, demonstrating the compliance of its quality management system and its respect of environmental conditions.

In 2008, the company management is taken over by the two grandchildren of the founder, Mrs Roxane Piquerez and Mr Arnaud Maître.


In 2010, Louis Bélet has finished in 2010 its third major extension. The production area has reached 1700 m2, in addition to the new administrative and technical rooms.

This new building incorporates the principles of sustainable development. It delivers good working conditions, with a controlled temperature of the air and of the cooling fluid. This ensures a good comfort for the employees and a reliable production process all year long.

The administrative building, labelled "Minergie", is heated by collecting the heat produced within the workshop.


In 2018, Louis Bélet (LBSA) is once again cramped in its Vendlincourt premises. Faced with the urgent need to install new grinding machines to meet new markets, the premises of a Relay Factory are rented in Porrentruy, 10 km away from the headquarters.


One year later, LBSA acquires a neighbouring plot of land in this industrial zone in Porrentruy and buys the building that had been rented until then. Modification and expansion work on these premises is planned for the end of 2020, in order to accommodate new projects.

Corporate policy

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The goal of corporate policy at Louis Bélet SA is to ensure complete and lasting customer satisfaction with regard to both the products and services provided.

The company's management team and employees are committed to a process of continuous improvement with a view to making constant progress at every level and in every field of activity while achieving the ultimate goal of satisfying the customer.

The policy adopted by Louis Bélet SA complies with the ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) standards. It is also founded on the principle of sustainable development, incorporating economic performance, social development social and environmental protection in equal measure.

Implementation of this policy is driven by the following objectives:

Economic performance

  • optimise the quality of the tools
  • optimise after-sales performance and services
  • create and sell innovative products
  • establish close and lasting partnerships with the main suppliers and customers
  • explore new national and international markets
  • ensure strict financial management by targeting financial independence

Social development

  • maintain jobs in the region
  • promote a staff loyalty policy
  • Equal pay for men and women (L&M-Aba-R Certificate)
  • develop competences and support staff training
  • implement a staff profit-sharing scheme (bonus)
  • ensure the management team adopts an open attitude and ensure frequent communication through a range of different channels
  • provide support for local sporting and cultural associations, events and clubs
  • comply with local tax provisions, with no tax evasion strategy.

Environmental policy


Louis Bélet is a member of the following professional associations:

  • AGMA : AGMA is the global network for technical standards, education, and business information for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of mechanical power transmission components.

Manufacturing equipment

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Our production equipment, constantly renewed, is able to cope with the varying demands of our clients. We produce either individual parts or thousands of tools, whether simple or complex tools.

Our machine park includes CNC tool grinders including among others:

6-axis tool grinders controlled by CAM softwares, for tool diameter < 3 mm
4- and 5-axis tool grinders, flexible and of high performance
tool grinding and profiling machine with 6 axes, developed and produced by our means.
Laser grinding machines for polycristalinne diamond tools (PCD)

Our mechanical department enables us to ensure the maintenance, modification and construction of our own grinding machines.

Our equipment is completed with conventional machines for grinding, sharpening and reconditoning the tools, thus offering a high flexibility.


In addition to the common micrometers and profile projectors, Louis BELET SA has cutting edge technology for tool control:

We are able to provide acceptance test certificates 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204:2005-01

Diameter measurement using laser technology

Micron (μm) measurement of end mills and drills before and after milling

Digital optical

Numerical measurement and direct profile comparison with CAD profile

Automated computer-numerically controlled control machine

This equipment enables the generation of control protocols, available upon request.


We believe in education!

In such a specific domain as tool manufacture, education is key to ensure the highest quality for our products. The Bélet's know-how is transmitted to our employees upon joining the company and then throughout their careers through a continuing education program.

Les Gasses 11
2943 Vendlincourt

TEL.: +41 (0)32 474 04 10
FAX: +41 (0)32 474 45 42

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