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What is the LB-Lab?

The LB-Lab is a FabLab, virtually the modern version of the workshop that anyone can have at home, but IT-oriented and aligned towards the development of new technologies. It is a place where you can produce and exchange in order to machine new products or formulate customised tests for new machining concepts.

It offer a large number of tools, ranging from the 3D printer on the tool machine in order to enable quick transition from the design phase to the prototype phase and then to the test phase under real conditions, and then.

The LB-Lab is operated by our R & D department for the development and testing of our new tools. If you have a certain project, we shall make it available to you to create prototypes of tools and to prepare a draft of the machining strategy for your work-pieces.

Tools available :


3D measuring instruments

Optical measurement systems for simple and optimised 3D measurements. The image reproduction offers a good contrast and great depth sharpness thanks to the colour sensor.


  • Measures for the roughness of tools
  • Micro-structured surface quality and shape measurement
  • Scanning in 3D with texture and terrain

Testing dimensions

Versatile camera for three-dimensional measurement for controlling precision parts


  • Quality control
  • Sensing the contours of parts
  • Automatic processing of .dxf scan files



Test centre

Machining centre, 3 high-precision axes


  • Test tools and prototypes under virtually realistic conditions

Rapid prototyping

3D printer for printed layers by composition of layers of resin according to the stereo-lithography technology


  • Manufacture of tools for demonstration purposes
  • Expansion of the machining concept for presentations
  • Creation of resin pads

imprimante 3D

piece 3D

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