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Hob cutter : From Watch industry to microtechnology

Involute gear cutter with watch industry quality!

Our hob cutter’s department found solutions for profiling involute gear cutters in a way, that grinding time is dramatically reduced. However and thanks to our watch industry's experience, quality and precision are kept at a really high level, flirting with what we do get for that market.

We are now well positioned offering micro-technique, car or medical markets, involute hob cutting tools with watch industry precision whilst competitive price!

Modules and dimensions

Our modules sizes values starts at m 0.02 and goes up to m 1.00. Other modules are also available upon request.

All dimensions are seriously studied. We for instance already produced hob cutters of ø 4.0 mm with a cylindrical shank:

Louis Bélet SA produces hob cutters since about 10 years. Our ORIGIN hob cutters are well-known and trusted, especially in the Swiss prestige watchmaking. We are one of the leader on that market!

Generation hobbing's principle

Hob cutter turns and come to hit the part to be cut, that also turns on it’s axis. The important point is the rotation ratio between the two parts and which should be:


Putting correctly machine’s axis position and angle, the cutter generates in that way the correct teeth.

Beware, hob cutting require run-out as minimal as possible!

schema gear cutting

There are 2 big teeth shape’s families:



Mainly used in the watch industry.

NIHS, NHS, EVJ norms (and many other proprietary norms from watch brands) follow cycloids teeth shapes.

Generation hob cutters for cycloid shapes have complex profiles and requires a very high precision. We are talking here about microns!

NIHS profile’s example:



involutes schema

DIN, ISO, AGMA, JIS (and many others) are the norms for involute gearing. These are mainly used in car industry, micro-techniques and general mechanics.

Please note that sometimes, watch industry also use involute norms, mainly proprietary, for their movements' gear-trains.

Hob cutter’s profile is simpler, for instance:

schema profil

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