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High-perfomance drilling in titanium

Louis Bélet drilling tools are made from the best carbides and ground on the latest generation of machines. The 3-lip drill Reference 353 is no exception to this rule and belongs to the EXPERT TITANIUM tool family.

This drill, which is particularly efficient in titanium, is also used for drilling other metals such as brass and platinum and as a reamer in stainless steel. It is available as standard in diameters from 0.10 to 14.00 mm.

The drill is also available in different cutting lengths.


One of the most remarkable features when drilling with this tool is the roundness of the hole produced.

The three flutes guide the tool during the drilling process and have the function of self-centering.The results are excellent in terms of circularity, even after more than 3,000 holes!

The positioning accuracy is in the order of 4 µm, well worth mentioning without centering!


During tests performed on our 3-axis machine, we found that the burr formation was extremely low both at the entry and exit of the hole.

The comparison with a standard drill and a competitor tool for titanium shows that the tip and cutting angle of the 3-lip drill ensure ideal penetration into the material. Burrs of 4 µm at the entrance and 15 µm at the exit were measured.


The specially designed geometry for chip removal focuses on two specific elements:

1) The tip and the sharpening of the drill enable an optimized penetration into the material. This limits the temperature rise, which prevents premature wear of the tool.

2) The particularly low helix angle and the low roughness in the chip flutes allow the chips to be removed quickly. Furthermore, overheating of the tool is reduced.


The properties of this drill can be adjusted according to your needs. Cutting lengths, diameters and steps can be adapted on request. Our experienced technical advisors from the production sector are at your disposal for any request.

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