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REF. 1430/1450 : Micro end mill for deep holes machining

We all know that deep milling for small diameters has a lot of constraints like chip removal, coolant access to the right spot,etc... While this type of milling requires simple parameter adjustment with large tools, the situation is quite different for end mills with a cutting diameter of less than 1 mm.

New part designs are arriving in workshops as large depths need to be micro-machined using end mills with very small diameters.

Vibration problems, tool breakage and poor-quality machining can occur.

Louis Bélet has addressed the problem for its customers to offer them a reliable and economical solution that focuses on the three materials most commonly used in the med tech sector:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Cobalt chrome

Tests have been conducted on a “Torx” screw socket, which is a good example of real deep milling applications. The aim is to combine a long service life with a high chip removal rate.

Numerous prototype iterations – bringing together substrates, grinding geometries, coatings and cutting parameters – have resulted in an effective micro end mill in all three materials mentioned above.

A great deal of effort was also made on the joining area between the cutting part and the shank. A specific curvature was developed to maintain a high level of rigidity and to dampen vibrations, all the while providing sufficient clearance to avoid touching the milled walls and to release chips.

This development work has given rise to two new reference products:

REF 1430 :


REF 1450 :


We supply standard diameters of Ø 0.20 to Ø 1.00 mm

Example of cutting parameters tested with a Ref. 1450 Ø 0.5 mm end mill (coated) :

Vc [m/min] N [tr/min] Fz [mm] F [mm/min]
Stainless steel 50 32’000 0.003 385
Titanium 50 32’000 0.003 385
Cobalt chrome 100 64’000 0.003 770

Finally, let’s hear what customers who have already used these end mills have to say:

“No burrs”

“An impeccable surface finish”

“Phenomenally better”

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