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REF. 5000 : Thread whirling cutter

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Polygon thread milling is a chip removal machining operation that allows external threads to be made on cylindrical parts. The threads made generally comply with the Watch Industry Standards Department (NIHS) or metric standards, but other thread shapes are permitted. Very fine pitches, from 0.08 mm, are possible. The principle is as follows: the tool – a profiled circular cutter measuring 40 or 45 mm in diameter and with many teeth – rotates in the opposite direction to the part to be threaded. The rotation ratio is generally 1, i.e. when the part makes one revolution, so does the cutter.


The cutter is brought into position at a tangent to the part first of all, then it is pushed into the part until the desired thread depth is achieved. A cycle often lasts less than one second.

Quality Manufacturing from Louis Bélet

When manufacturing thread whirling cutters, we apply the same quality standards as we do for our other tools:

  • We impose the tightest tolerances on ourselves from the time that we draft the tool
  • The cutter’s substrate was chosen following numerous tests
  • The profile on the tool is calculated to compensate for the deformation on the threaded parts

Excellent Threaded Parts

Testimonials from customers of ours who are already using this type of cutter confirm the choices we have made:

« The profile is perfect and inside the tightest tolerances… And this is verified over time. »

« We believe the result is very conclusive. The thread is suitable and complies with ISO specifications. »


Now in the Catalog

Consistent increases in our production resources now allow us to offer this type of tool to our customers in our catalog under the reference number 5000. While the dimensions are adapted to the most common polygon devices, other dimensions are, of course, possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any information.

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