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Cutting high quality internal teeth at an unmatched speed

REF. 8700

Skiving or internal tooth cutting has been known and widely used in the mechanical industry for many years in modules greater than 0.5 and with standard tooth shapes.

Micro-skiving has been developed to allow the use of the skiving technique for internal micro-teeth, using modules well below 0.5. The general process is the same as for the current modules but at a highly reduced scale. The stresses of precision, shape, burr and surface finish become much higher.

Let’s suppose this part to be cut:

  • Small module
  • Large number of teeth
  • Part thickness is very low
  • Soft material

  • Special watchmaking profile not standardized and not adapted to hobbing
  • Small form height
  • Small radii on tops and and bottoms of the teeth

Comparative cutting times for the reference part :

Profile heights of a few hundredths of millimeters and special tooth shapes require special tool manufacturing processes using custom software and high end grinding machines. This evolution extends the possibilities of a very fast, precise and high volume production of high quality internally toothed gears. This type of gears are increasingly used in watch movements, micro-assembly, medical pumps or gearboxes.

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